Welcome to the 'English-Georgian Translation Bureau' Homepage

We are a professional translation bureau/agency specialising in the Georgian, English, Russian and Bulgarian languages. Our degree qualified staff are comprised of native Georgian, English, Russian and Bulgarian speakers. Uniquely, for specific language pairs, such as Georgian to English, our Premium Service, where we use two native translators or a translator and a degree qualified native speaker, offers our clients the ability to translate documents to a very high standard (e.g. the standard needed by banks, international companies and government departments etc.). Clearly, Premium Service translations sound absolutely natural, are grammatically/semantically correct and culturally appropriate, in the target language. Alternatively, we trust that you find our Standard Service, using a single (native) translator, to be of a high quality and price-competitive with our peers.

Language Pairs:

** Premium Service available for these language pairs, where it is virtually impossible to find native translators of the target-source language combination.

On other pages of this site, you can find further information on the specifics of our translation services, a guide to pricing and contact information (above, and on the contact page), where you can contact us by e-mail, telephone or (by invitation) Skype. As a bureau/agency, our reputation is important to us and our staff are minded to work to a consistently high quality standard, pay attention to detail and work to the highest standards of integrity and client confidentiality. We look forward to working with you.